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Teresa Salgueiro, best known as the lead singer of MADREDEUS, presents her new album.
The year 2012 sees the release of Teresa Salgueiro’s first album of originals. Her career of 25 years of uninterrupted dedication to Music now culminates with the creation of a composition workshop, whose pieces were born from the encounter between Teresa and her chosen musicians. And,for the first time, Teresa also wrote all the lyrics for the album.
From the beginning, the idea was a collective search, based on a singular soundscape, the construction of which reflected the contribution of each of the musicians. The choice of instruments was based on their desire for innovation combined with elements close to their sensitivity. Coming from very different areas, with great dedication, all of them wanted to search and gather all those resources in harmony to build a common language. The inspiration for the lyrics was developed around a reflection of the human dimension to the mystery of life. They deliberately sought out the isolation that allowed them to reach a state of sharing and concentration necessary for the cultivation of the fifteen tracks that formed the album "O Mistério" (The Mystery). During August 2011, Teresa and the musicians retired to the Convent of Arrábida and built a complex recording studio from scratch.

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